We are a co-working space that offers various work options, meeting rooms, all designed to help you collaborate in a professional setting. 

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We believe that you should have all the conveniences of the office right at your fingertips. Some of the amenities we have to offer are:

  • High-Speed Internet & Wi-Fi
  • Lockable storage
  • Coffee Bar
  • Conference & Private
  • Meeting Rooms


Memberships are designed to offer the flexibility that a growing business needs. We offer company and individual plans that best fit you and your work schedule. All members enjoy access to common areas and highly-equipped conference rooms. All plans offer: 

  • High Speed Internet & Wi-Fi
  • Daily reservation plans
Individual memberships

  • Company memberships

  • Event pricing


Another great aspect to our location is our hangar which has has been host before, and is available now for larger events, weddings, charity events, fundraisers, and corporate gatherings. Transform this flexible indoor/outdoor space into the perfect setting with these available resources: 

  • Catering recommendations 
  • Rental of tables and chairs
  • Plenty of available power for lighting  
  • Capacity 125 seated or 200 standing/mingle 
  • Event pricing

Luke Matheny, Teambot

"Cavu Cowork has provided a unique environment of people with varying knowledge, skill sets, and industry experience. As a young professional, this environment has allowed me to ask questions, collaborate, and grow as an individual in ways that I could not in a corporate setting. The network of people in Cavu has been very helpful for me in starting my career and growing the business I work for."

Tom Cuneio, Cad Blox

"CAVU provided everything I was looking for in a flexible office space. It's a place where I can be productive but it's also a great place to exchange ideas and interact with both seasons and emerging companies. I have access to private rooms, conference rooms, collaborative spaces, and a casual social space."

Jimmy Valere, Black Raven AFC

I have worked in large offices and in remote settings where my day is either full of interruptions or completely isolated. CAVU has been a game-changer for me by offering a work space as well as smaller meeting rooms to give me a good balance in my workday. In addition, I am able to work and collaborate with other strong industry leaders."

Heather Ready, Romeo Bravo Software

"We used the large conference room and some surrounding workspaces for a several day strategy meeting. The large whiteboard was perfect for brainstorming ideas, the large monitor on the wall was perfect for digital meetings with outside clients, and the natural light helped with the overall vibe. In addition, the common areas were perfect for coffee and lunch breaks!"


CAVU is an aeronautical term meaning “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited.” This word is commonly used by pilots to describe the desirable and best way to fly. We thought it would be a fitting name because of our location at The Spirit of St Louis Airport and the desirable space we have to offer.